Buying in Bulk

Hey all!

In recent months, Bulk Barn has implemented an amazing program. They ran a few pilot stores to try out a bring your own container program. I was fortunate enough to live relatively close to one of these locations and got to give it a try! In Georgetown Ontario, the Bulk Barn was one of the first few to try it out. My sister, mom, and myself made more than one trip there before the program launched and were so excited. On February 24, 2017 ALL STORES ACROSS CANADA adopted the reusable container program! This is an amazing initiative and I think it’s pretty darn smart.

Project Waste Free

Basically, you can bring your own clean mason jars, or containers with a lid, or bags for other items (see my last post about the produce bags, these work great for certain bulk foods as well). They have a few standard rules set in place to maintain cleanliness standards (which is more than fine by me) which according to their website include:

  • Is the container or bag free from chips, cracks, stains, debris, dirt, rust and residual food?
  • Is the container or bag reusable and designed for food?
  • Is the container or bag resealable, with a lid, drawstring or clip-closure?
  • Paper and plastic bags are not acceptable for reuse.

Once you arrive to the location, you bring your containers to the cashier and they will inspect and weigh it in order to deduct the tare from your purchase. Tare weight is how much the empty container weighs. This is to ensure you are not paying for the weight of your container  when purchasing your bulk items. They will place a small sticker on the container and write the weight of it down. I usually bring a box for all my jars so that I don’t drop anything and then grab a shopping cart as soon as I come in to make it easier.

I have encountered a few other places in Brampton who will oblige the request to use your own container including:

When I come across more places where they are willing to let you bring containers, I will make an additional post!

Thank you Bulk Barn Georgetown!

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